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Investigation Terms for Criminal, Accident or Civil Investigations

Accident Investigations
Interview of witnesses, photographing and measuring accident scene, skid-marks and damage.

Adolescent Activity Investigations
See Surveillance, Background & Discreet Investigations

Asset Searches
Identifying and locating personal and real property, monetary instruments, companies, income, employment and financial information.

Automobile/Vehicle/Heavy Duty Equipment Recovery /Boats
Discovering location of financed vehicles that need to be repossessed due to nonpayment or disappearance of the debtor.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency investigations
Government sources, records, financial profile to determine past business history of company and/ or individuals.

Background Investigations
Databases, public and media information, computer records, interviews, the Internet, references, contacts, neighborhood inquiries.

CCTV Installations
Covert or Overt, Sale or Rental, Analog or Digital, Single Camera or Multi Camera Closed Circuit Television Systems. We handle all aspects of CCTV.

Celebrity Protection
Trained personnel to prevent embarrassment, harassment or injury to well-known personalities, their family and property. See Executive Protection.

Child Custody/Abuse Investigations
Interviews, Statements, Surveillance and all facets of Investigation tailored to each specific case

Civil Investigations
Reconstructing events, witness interviews, Mareva and Anton Piller actions, and seizures.

Commercial/Financial Investigations
Company, database searches, commercial credit reports, financial statements, identification, location of principals and determining assets, liabilities, Insider trading, Securities participation, contracts, document examination

Communications Investigations
Theft of satellite and cable signals, undercover operations to locate, gather evidence of piracy, particularly for premier sporting events.

Company/Corporate background check
Ascertaining principals, registered and records office, reputation, bankruptcy and insolvency check.

Competitive Intelligence
The systematic gathering of open information when collated and analyzed provides a better understanding of a competitor firm's structure, culture, behavior, capabilities, and weaknesses.

Conflict of Interest Investigations
Determining advantages and disadvantages of the subjects' position in contractual or leadership circumstances.

Contract Dispute Evidence
Gathering of evidence, usually video to aid in defusing hostile strike situations and to obtain Court ordered injunctions.

Copyright Investigations
See Intellectual Property

Corporate Fraud/Theft
Internal investigation of employees, accounting and security procedures, policy examination and accountability reviews.

Covert/Overt Video Equipment
Installation and monitoring of CCTV equipment utilizing analog or digital medium, hard wired or via video transmission systems.

Debtor Locates
Obtaining current address of debtor primarily for law firms or corporate clients for civil process, judgment, or garnishee procedures.

See Intrusion Sweep Examination.

Discreet Investigations
Ability and knowledge in obtaining intelligence and/or video without the subject's knowledge.

The investigation of all forms of discrimination, racial, age, gender, religion, disability, etc. in the workplace, educational facilities and the community.

Document Delivery
Where process serving fails, and documents must be delivered, the ability to place a subject under covert surveillance until the opportunity arises enable service of documents. Proof of delivery can often be confirmed via videotape.

Document Forgery/Examination
Hand writing analysis by Court recognized Expert in determining author or legitimacy of signatures or documents.

Due Diligence Investigations
Financial and background checks, criminal and civil searches, verification of information.

Electronic Tracking
The surveillance of vehicles, product or people via remote transmitter/receiver units.

Employment Verification
Verifying of information through investigation and reference checks.

Employment/Employee Integrity Checks
Protecting assets, image, and intellectual property on behalf of employers through discreet or overt inquiry into the workplace performance or employees and management staff while in the natural environment.

Executive Protection
Protection of person and property through strategy development, security, close protection, surveillance and counter surveillance detection.

Firearms Investigations
Interpretive examination by our recognized Expert to provide evidence in Court on gun functions and ballistics.

Forensic Studies
Firearm, document, polygraph, DNA, medical, accounting, computer, handwriting experts and other known expert witnesses available to testify to their findings for Court purposes.

Handwriting Analysis
See Document Forgery/Examination

The investigation of all forms of aggravation, e.g. sexual, embarrassing, discrediting or troubling practices that worry or frighten individuals in the workplace or in their personal lives.

Intellectual Property Investigations
The gathering of evidence, including undercover purchases of Property such as computer software, products, to support a case against anyone who is abusing the right of ownership, due to Grey Market, Copyright, Patent or Trademark. We source Grey Market products and determine first use of marks.

Intrusion Sweep Examinations
The locating of listening devices both in the workplace, residence and on telephone lines by the former head of the Intrusion Sweep Team in Western Canada for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Insurance Investigations
Recording video of an individual's actions by surveillance to assist in insurance defense cases and obtain other evidence from interviews, past history and neighborhood inquiries.

Kidnapping children/ child abduction
Determining validity of Court Order, All Points Bulletin and gathering and disseminating relevant information pertaining to whereabouts of missing subjects; working with our 25 office partnership in Investigations Canada from coast to coast

Lie Detector Examination
See Polygraph

Determining address of persons for legitimate reasons either openly or discreetly, depending upon the request and circumstances.

Loss Prevention
Security consulting as to strategic planning, internal layout and policy procedures and video protection.

Missing Persons Investigations
Decades of investigative experience of FBIG's former police from various major cities and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police coupled with their specialized training and contacts often result in the success of these files.

Negligence Investigations
Reconstructing events leading to the incident often provides evidence for the appropriate Judiciary or Legal Entity.

Patent Investigations
See Intellectual Property

Prescreening Services
See Intellectual Property

Polygraph Examination
Qualified Expert conducting interview of candidate connected to the polygraph instrument to measure galvanic skin response, respiration, heart rate and change in blood pressure.

Pre-employment Screening
Criminal Records check across Canada, Consumer Credit Report and BC Driving Record are obtained quickly when Consent form is signed.

Process Service
Locating individuals and actual delivery of legal documents.

Security Consulting
FBIG's qualified and trained personnel to determine threat assessment of institution and methods of protection.

Skip Trace
See locates

Close watching by surveillance operatives through video, vehicle, and personal means.
Our professional, state-of-the-art equipment includes 35 mm as well as covert/hidden cameras, and video systems that produce quality documentation in all types of weather and lighting situations. The result is clear, crisp photographs and videos either on CD-ROM or VHS tapes.

Time-lapse Video

Trademark Investigations
See Intellectual Property investigations

Undercover Investigations
Experienced former policemen to manage qualified agents or participate in necessary role to achieve required results.

Vehicle Recovery
See Automobiles

VIP Security
See Executive Protection

Witness/Debtor Locates
Obtaining current address and relevant information required. This service is similar to Skip Tracing but usually for the more difficult locates.

Worker's Compensation
Assisting in determining validity of claim by Investigation and Surveillance.