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Forensic Document Examination & Analysis

Forensic Handwriting Analysis

To determine handwriting, the forensic examinerstudies the writer's form, movement, skill, pen position, pressures, line quality, shading, retrace, straight lines, curves, angles, proportions, slant connections, initial and terminal strokes, alignments, punctuation, embellishment, deviations, direction of stroke, lack of connecting strokes, instrument used and the writing position.

Our forensic determinations have been accepted by the Courts for forgeries, simulations, tracings, eradications, obliterations, substitutions, rubber/steel and stamped impressions.

Oriental Forensic Document Analysis

Determines forgeries as to content or signatures.

Dates the signature or content by the physical matching of paper fibers; photography,( including ultra-violet and infrared) types of paper, watermarks, writing instruments, writing pressure and variations; utilizes other types of equipment, microscope and various light sources.

Numismatics Analysis

Doctoring of genuine coins to simulate collectors items. Coin examination Authentication of American and Canadian coins; determine if dates have been changed.

Counterfeit bank notes, bonds and negotiable instruments - analyze for legitimacy or what type of counterfeit model; paper and ink analysis and instrumentation and use of printing processes.

Matches or determines the make of typewriter from which the document was typed by comparing type design, font library and accidental characteristics with the actual typed document.

Our expert determinations have also been accepted by the courts in gambling matters such as cheating at play by determining marked playing cards, loaded dice and rigged wheels of fortune.

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