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FBIG, the largest and most diverse loss prevention and security firm in British Columbia, is dedicated to providing or clients with the highest quality of service in the industry. Our "Brand" of Loss Prevention is the direct result of combining our proven methods of investigation with theft reduction and intervention strategies to provide our clients with personnel who have superior knowledge, training and experience. We expose our LPI staff to all levels of our unique training and investigative skill development, which we feel offers our people better information, so they can do a better job.

LPI (Loss Prevention Incorporated) works throughout British Columbia and has entered the Alberta market place in Calgary and Edmonton and anticipates growing in all aspects of our company profile. We also have ambitions of entering markets in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

LPI is aware of the reasons retailers lose merchandise and profits to theft, internal theft, merchandising errors and supplier dishonesty. We created our loss prevention division including manned security guarding, with one goal in mind, to provide retailers with specifically designed loss prevention programs that will be matched to our clients "style" of business and focused to solve client problems.

Police and Loss Prevention Specialists say that thieves are becoming increasingly more intelligent in their attempts to conceal merchandise and commit fraudulent acts. The opportunistic thief is by far the greatest challenge to retailers as they are seen as lesser criminals by the courts and hence are more casual in their approach to doing "their job", stealing merchandise.

According to the Retail Council of Canada, it is estimated that the opportunistic thief is responsible for forty percent of the $4 billion dollars (or $11 million dollars per day) lost to retailers due to shrinkage. Retail shrinkage in Canada shows that 28.5 percent of company profit dollars are lost as a result of theft. This figure does not even begin to consider other economic losses associated with theft of wages and insurance fraud.

FBIG-LPI investigators are committed to reducing crime and mitigating risk so that criminals do not subvert our clients business, and the achievements of their workers. Through our efforts and contribution, we expect that when we provide service our clients will experience a better work environment and more profitable business.

FBIG-LPI will provide any and all the tools necessary to help retailers with their loss prevention needs:

The LPI "system" focuses on timely communication that is achieved through our unique "live update" method of reporting that provides our clients with access to their loss prevention occurrence and activities information on a daily basis. Our dedication to clients will not be surpassed and we assure that our clients will receive the highest level of commitment and professionalism in the industry anywhere in British Columbia and Alberta.

FBIG- Security is running full-time in British Columbia and Alberta providing clients with trained uniformed Loss Prevention personnel. These professional uniformed guards are trained to not only look after the security of our clients but are trained to deal directly with unwanted individuals who may be disturbing clients to the point where an arrest could be warranted or individuals who are committing illegal activities such as shoplifting. Our security guards are fully trained making an arrest and report writing for crown counsel.


 Warren Griffey

Warren GriffeyMr. Griffey has been a leader in the Loss Prevention Field for more than fourteen years.  His experience as a Loss Prevention Investigator and Manager of the largest Loss Prevention Company on Vancouver Island gave him invaluable expertise, cumulating in over 1400 successful apprehensions and convictions of shoplifters and employee thefts. He was noted as the leading apprehension employee over consecutive years, which eventually led to his promotion to the Operations Manager in 1999.  Mr. Griffey has a post secondary education in criminology that he received at Camosun College in Victoria and Simon Fraser University in Burnaby.

He has continued his pursuit of knowledge in the security field by becoming a fully licensed Private Investigator with the Security Programs Division of the Attorney Generals office in 2003 and has taken on the responsibility of becoming a Basic Security Training Instructor through the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Mr. Griffey is also adept at internal investigations, CCTV covert camera installations and identifying employee integrity issues. He has worked both, in-house loss prevention for a large retail chain and for small independent companies, giving him a wide range of experience to draw upon to meet our clients needs. 

"Our Team is committed to providing effective, professional, discrete and confidential service.  The integrity of our client’s assets, image and business is paramount."