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Personal Protection Services

The Close Protection Division (CPD) is an integral arm of FBIG Investigations, which was founded by a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in 1988 and has consistently attracted the finest personal protection specialists, surveillance operatives and general investigators in the industry. Our multi-disciplined team draws from their qualifications in law enforcement, criminology, intelligence gathering, high technology development, forensic sciences, insurance and accounting to provide our clients with an exceptional product.

The CPD is a complete personal protection resource base designed to provide effective, professional, discrete and confidential service. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, our protection network consists of the finest local, national and global resources.

The CPD is committed to performing our duties with integrity and a steadfast commitment to ethics, discipline and training. We protect our clients by implementing defensive measures and avoid confrontation by de-escalating potentially violent situations. Our team employs detailed advance research and planning to create an environment where clients are fully protected with minimum interruption to their activities, allowing them to conduct their business with confidence and peace of mind. A hallmark of the CPD is our rapid response time and quick deployment in any situation.

What Personal Protection Services Do We Provide?

  • Close Personal and Family Protection
  • Corporate Event Protection
  • Corporate Security Assessments
  • Site Survey and Risk Analysis
  • High Risk Witness Protection
  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Child Custody Protection
  • Professional Driving (Class 4)
  • Post Trauma/Incident Support
  • Personal/Family Security Awareness Training
  • Self-defense Training
  • CCTV Installation and Monitoring

Who Do We Serve?

How Are We Trained?

Our personnel are thoroughly prescreened and are fully licensed, bonded and insured with impeccable credentials. They are required to maintain their certifications and remain current in advanced protection strategy and self-defense training relating to their fields of expertise. Clients can be assured that the services requested of us will be performed in compliance with the law. Every Personal Protection Specialist has been trained in and is fully capable of administering First Aid and CPR. Additionally, every CPD member signs a personally binding confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement that prevails over every client and assignment. CPD Member Profiles

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