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Asset & Property Recovery Professionals

FBIG Investigations combines the resources of three key members to provide an elite Private Investigation based recovery network in North America.

Most other Recovery Specialists are local or regionally based, working their own local areas and do not belong to a retrieval network. While most repossession types are effective on Recovery they do not have matching skills on locating the vehicle/equipment for seizure. Consequently it is not uncommon for difficult locates/recoveries to often languish with the resulting loss, prior to being referred to FBIG.

FBIG Recent Successes - Where Others Failed

Traced & seized a 1998 Jeep in the possession of a drug dealer from Toronto to New Brunswick. The bank had looked for their collateral for 1 ½ years through various agents, with no success.

Traced and seized a $100,000 Motor Home in Kelowna, British Columbia. The unit had been repainted with a new mural design and changed to disguise its appearance. An experienced bailiff seeking the unit had walked by without recognizing it.

A Ford 350 was traced throughout Western US and Canada. We brought information to the US Customs that resulted in the subject being stopped several times at border crossings for thorough inspections of the vehicle. As a result he called the creditor and gave up the vehicle.

A Canadian Dakota Truck was tracked to Phoenix AZ in possession of a taxi driver who was found to be working in a circuit of Las Vegas, Phoenix and Vancouver, BC. The information was given to US Immigration, flew to Phoenix, and in the company of their Officers attended at the subject's residence, resulting in the recovery of the truck.

Representing one of the world's largest lenders we recovered a Melroe Excavator in Toronto from a subject with a criminal background. At our request, a Toronto Police Officer called the subject on the matter of a possible Fraudulent Concealment, leading to the disclosure where the machine was hidden.

A 1998 Lexus sedan disappeared with its owner. The bank utilized various skip-tracers and agents for over a year without success. Within 10 days of receiving the file FBIG determined that it had crossed into the United States. We then identified the subject's history which led to the vehicle's location in Baltimore, Maryland and its subsequent seizure.

A 1998 20 ft Bay liner Power Boat and Trailer was sought by a large Financial Institution for 2 years without success. The Bankrupt hid this asset among others from the Trustee. Shortly after receiving the file, we located the storage facility on Vancouver Island and obtained covert video of the Boat and Trailer. As a result, the Bankrupt voluntarily gave up this collateral which was seized on behalf of the client.

Our Asset & Property Recovery Professionals

Emile Van Wouw - Manager, North American Recovery Services. Licensed Private Investigator, Member of WSATI - Western States Auto Theft Investigators Association. Retired Bailiff, a 15-year specialist in the recovery of vehicles and heavy equipment in North America on problematic files.

Investigator - Former Superintendent in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Licensed Private Investigator, Member of IAMI - International Association of Marine Investigators, knowledgeable in water craft locates and recoveries.

Investigator - Former RCMP Sergeant specializing in Undercover Operations. Licensed Private Investigator, Member of IAATI - International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, knowledgeable in stolen and fraudulent obtained vehicles.

Based on our background as Investigators, coupled with our background in Police work we specialize in Recoveries on challenging files throughout North America. We are able to offer an unmatched capability in finding and seizing passenger vehicles, trucks, heavy mobile equipment or marine craft.

If the collateral or asset has been removed from its origin to a distant point, one of our recovery specialists follows that asset, traces it to its destination and coordinates recovery through an approved local repossession agent or bailiff. Consequently our success rate is over 91% for the past few years, the highest rate known to date of any competitor. (References provided on request).